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So true!  I have had the same sort of season, out of shape, back pain, slow.  But there’s more to riding bikes than data and keeping score..



It’s a great day to smile! Earlier this season I was letting myself focus on all the wrong things. I’m out of shape. My friends are faster than me. I keep getting dropped on the group ride etc. Then it occurred to me, stop riding for the reasons other people ride and get back to what I love about cycling. Having fun, sharing laughs, seeing beautiful landscapes, staying fit, and lastly pushing my personal limits. Since then, the bike has been everything I need it to be. Photo Credit: @hbstache #milesofsmiles #outsideisfree #rideeverydamnday

These words are just excellent

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Watering these guys is one of the best parts of my day. #coneflowers #echinacea #vsco #vscocam

Be gentle

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Little League

Clouds at the top of the city

B&A trail April 2014

Empire State Building - Hugs in the Rain #nyc #empirestate #esb #vscocam

Hotel #NYC #timessquare #vscocam

Northeast Regional Service - BWI Station #vscocam


Things I whish I’d known at 13

Recently a friend of mine asked me to contribute to a list of things we wished we’d known at 13 for a boy who is about to turn 13.

Here’s what I came up with:

Things I wish I’d known at 13

  1. For every person who breaks your heart, there is likely someone who you’ve heart-broken.
  2. Shined shoes are one way potential employers judge whether you’d be the right person for the job.
  3. Everyone is delicate on…

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